My love for this breed started back in 1986 when I had my first encounter with the most endearing yellow Labrador Retriever.   I gave her the name Sunny, because she was exactly that, a ray of sunshine  on that Summer afternoon.  She stayed in my care for only a week until her owner came for her, but we were inseparable in that short time.   To my surprise she returned again, and again she returned home, but from that point on a flame was lit in my heart.  I knew when the time was right, the passion that had been ignited so many years ago would be reignited and now I nearly eat, sleep, and work daily with my Labs. 

 You say "I own a Labrador"  would be false, cause a Labrador  truly owns you or his family.   We acquired our first Labrador Retriever with the help of some of our friends, who happen to be into bird hunting,  upland game, and water foul, and our true enjoyment came in the form of training and Hunting.   Watching this breed work a field for pheasant or smashing through the reeds for duck is truly amazing, the trust and faithfulness is never ending. 

Labrador Retrievers  thrive on being  involved in their family, they are a working  breed dog and must have a lot of attention and activity from their family in the early years of their lives. As we have seen through the years of being involved with numerous Labradors, we have come to know that this breed in our view is one of the strongest breeds alive today.