Silver Birch Labrador Retrievers is a responsible breeder of Labrador Retrievers  based in Hazel Green, Alabama.  .

***We do not breed or affiliated with silver retrievers.

Established in 2010, we produce quality Labrador Retrievers, with a focus on temperament, conformation, and structural soundness. We are members of Huntsville All Breed Club. 

We started breeding in California in 2010, and in 2016 we relocated to a beautiful small town called Hazel Green in north central  Alabama.  Our Grandchildren moved and we became empty nesters at the time.  We could not bear to not be far from them and  wanted to continue to be  influential in their lives.  Our Grandparents were the most amazing examples to us growing up and we just couldn't pass up giving  our Grandsons the same opportunity.  So here we are, transplanted from Tustin and Santa Ana California, enjoying our lovely piece of property and  cute little farm house where our Labs can roam free and play!  We never imagined our puppies would have homes across the country or even across international waters, but life has taken our dogs across the globe!  

We are a small hobby breeder, and care deeply about all of our Labs and even those in shelters or in need.  I have walked the road of rescue and have spent many sleepless nights coordinating  with long distance rescues to help dogs in need.   At times it has been disappointing and discouraging but the successes have always been so rewarding!  We have been able to rescue and place numerous Labs and their friends (other breeds) into loving and safe and homes!  Some have even gone on to become Service and Therapy dogs.  

Due to our experiences in rescue, we have made great provision for each and every one of our pups from our litters.  We provide a strong safety net, because every one of our puppies was purposefully brought into this world.  We are responsible for them being here and we will go to the ends of the earth to bring them back home if need be.  We NEVER want any of our dogs or puppies to spend one night in a shelter.   I am here for our families 24/7 even while on vacation; if you call, I will answer.   We will never close our door to one of our puppies/dogs whether its 10 weeks old or 12 years old and dying from cancer, our home will always be their home.  

We strongly believe in health testing each and every dog that we are looking to breed.  That means extensive DNA testing and OFA screening for Hips, Elbows and Eyes.  We want to know exactly where we stand and who we can and cannot breed to.  This is so important today because with these tools we have been able to decrease the number of dogs that carry the genetic markers that can lead to disease.  When we test our Labs we are ensuring the puppies that we bring into the world will be as healthy as possible and that gives our families peace of mind knowing we are doing our best to protect the future of this wonderful breed.

Expecting a Yellow litter late July 2021

We are planning a yellow litter with Silver Birch 4 Leaf Clover x Twin River's Secret Stache At Ashland.   We are currently taking deposits and reservations.   Please email to inquire.

***Expecting a Black Litter early August 2021

We are expecting a Black litter with Silver Birch's Midnight Charity x Aragon's Under The Big Top @ Ashland the first week of August.  We are currently taking deposits and reservations.  Please email to inquire.  

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